8 daily affirmations to improve self love and mindset

by Tommi Skin

We’ve put together a list of powerful affirmations to improve your self-love and mindset. The beauty industry often presents us with photoshopped pore-less models, an unrealistic beauty standard that we often compare ourselves to. Affirmations help you consciously be in control of your thoughts. Reclaim your confidence in your natural skin, texture, pores, spots and all.

Repeat these daily
I am confident in my own skin and I exude confidence.
I trust the healing process and accept myself for where I’m at.
I am healing my skin from the inside out.
I treat my skin with love.
I take care of my skin and my skin takes care of me.
I am doing my best.
I love my skin at every stage of this journey.
My skin doesn't define me.

We hope to be a supportive ally as you go through your skin journey!