Interview with @alourdeslife on her experience with acne

by Tommi Skin

  We love learning more about our communities skin journey and discussing the impact it has within our lives. We asked Ariana from @alourdeslife about her experience with acne, heres what she had to say!

How did you start your journey acne positivity?
I started my acne journey positivity recently. I have suffered with acne for years starting at around twelve years old. After taking numerous oral antibiotics, topical creams, birth control, and accutane, I finally had a grasp on my skin. I decided to stop taking the pill in 2019 and broke out like never before all throughout 2020 until now. With the comfort and support from the skin community on several social media platforms, I found the push to put myself out there as well. Everyday isn't perfect, but I have developed a different and positive outlook about my acne.

What are your main skin concerns?
My main skin concerns are hormonal acne, adult acne, post inflammatory erythema, pigmentation, scarring, texture, and sebum build-up.

What has having acne taught you?
Acne has taught me that clear skin does not define beauty and determine my self-worth! It is a mental and physical life long journey that isn't cured with one quick fix. 

Acne scars are a huge part of having acne; do you have any advice for dealing with them?
Acne scars can be really difficult to deal with. Some days are better for me than others, but I am slowly learning to embrace them while my skin is continuing to progress and heal. My biggest advice is... WEAR SPF! And most of all, be kind to yourself and your skin. Even on the harder days. Scars don't define you. 

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