Interview with @mariia_white on her experience with acne

by Tommi Skin

Our team interviewed a few skincare/ acne positivity content creators to discuss their experience with Acne. Heres what Mariia from @mariia_white had to say about her holistic approach throughout her with acne journey. 

What is your approach to dealing with acne?
Taking into account all my experience dealing with acne for the past 10 years, I have built some fundamental rules when dealing with my skin:

  • Acne should be treated not only with skincare products but on the inside as well.
  • Lots of people who have acne-prone skin might also have sensitive skin due to over-exfoliation by, enzyme, AHA & BHA peelings. It’s important to be gentle to your skin!
  • For me, it’s okay to break out sometimes because my hormones are changing during the month. Healing is never a linear process. 

What made you choose a holistic approach to healing?
I opened myself up to a holistic approach when traditional medicine couldn’t give me the answers on WHY I had those symptoms, as it only masked the acne. Whereas holistic medicine worked for me as it looks into the root of the issue accounting for both my skin and internal health.

How has acne-affected your confidence? Do you have any tip for someone struggling with acne?
Acne affected my confidence at the beginning, but I need to say that actual skin issues taught me to finally love myself. Because now I see that I am more than my skin and I have so many other things to fall in love with. If you are dealing with acne, just remember to continue doing what you love!

When I had the 3rd stage of acne & health issues, I still was meeting with my friends, going for walks, participating in sports, and painting. I found new hobbies which turned into a kind of therapy. 

Reminder: Choose the people who choose you!