Lockdown self-care: How to achieve “that girl” skin at home.

by Tommi Skin

The ‘That girl” trend has taken over TikTok, but who is 'that girl’? The trend looks to motivate and encourage wellness through an array of aesthetic videos, usually including a green juice and a yoga mat. At the core, the trend is about self-improvement, which is great, but it's important to keep our goals realistic and not compare our journey with those on social media.

Work on yourself at your own pace, strive to be the best version of YOUR self.

Here are 7 simple things you could try in your routine!

1. When was the last time you changed your sheets? Studies show that most people change their sheets around once a month or every 24.4 days. Why should you? Well, it has been proven to reduce acne and skin irritation as bacteria, dust and oils tend to build up over time! Your skin will thank you!

2. More pillow talk. Are you getting enough sleep, are you getting around 7-9 hours every night? Better sleep = better mood.

3. Staying hydrated. Try drinking a glass in the morning before your coffee, additionally, you can add mint, lemon and other fruits and spices to make it more fun.

4. Get into a routine! Consistency is key, making sure you are taking your make-up off every night! Cleansing, and moisturising your skin daily.

5. Add a bit of self-care into your routine. A clay face mask once a week can help remove excess oils, exfoliate the skin, detoxifies and brightens the skin.

6. Screen time. We are probably all embarrassed at our high screen times, this is a gentle reminder to go for a walk or read a book instead.

7. Be kind to yourself. Be the best you can, take each day as it comes, lockdown hasn’t been easy! You should be proud of how you’re doing!

These are a few things to consider adding to your routine, take caring care of both your mental and physical health is essential!