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Pimple Patches
Pimple Patches
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Pimple Patches

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Feel cute while caring for your acne. Protect and heal your spots, dress them up with our pretty flowers.

  • Absorbs fluid from pimple
  • Prevents pimple picking and scarring
  • Promotes faster healing 
  • Protects pimples from the environment 
  • Non drying, non irritating 

Stickers per pack: 30 acne patches 

Best suited for: whitehead pimples 

    1. 1. Cleanse your face and dry the area.
    2. 2. Apply a patch to the affected area.
    3. 3. Leave it on for 3+ hours. For best results, leave on overnight.
    4. 4.. Remove and discard the patch.

    Hydrocolloid: absorbs fluids like excess oil and pus from zits and protects for ideal healing environment. 

    Calendula oil: soothes the skin and keeps it soft

    Tea Tree: calms redness, swelling and inflammation.

    Centella asiatica: supports the skin barrier and promotes healing

    Full Ingredient List: Hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, calendula oil, centella asiatica

    non-drying, non-irritating. 

    Shipping is FREE Australia wide. Usually takes 5-7 days.

    How It Works



    Clean the affected area.


    Carefully peel the sticker and place directly onto the pimple.

    Feel cute

    Leave patch on for 3+ hours, for best results leave on overnight. Discard after use.