Interview with @theblemishqueen on her experience with acne

by Tommi Skin

We love learning more about our communities skin journey and discussing the impact it has within our lives. We asked Nicole from @theblemishqueen about her experience with acne, heres what she had to say!

What has having acne taught you?
Acne has taught me some really difficult things like how judgmental the world can be and how deeply one can feel ashamed. At the same time, acne has taught me some really powerful things like how to find beauty outside of appearance and how to find self-acceptance. 

Does social media influence how you feel about your skin?
Social media USED to influence how I feel about my skin, and the impact was mostly negative. Airbrushed photos of unattainable features that were being labeled as "ideal" and "the beauty standard" used to scatter my Instagram feed. Now I've come to realize how powerful the unfollow button can be and how beneficial it is to have a social media feed full of people, brands, and products that you can actually relate to and that make you feel good.

What are your top ingredients you like to use on your skin?
The top ingredients I like to use on my skin are hyaluronic acid (nourishing + hydrating), aloe vera (soothing), retinol (exfoliating), zinc (anti-inflammatory), and rose (calming + smells yummy haha)! 

Letting go is easier said than done of course, what was the turning point in your outlook on skin?
The turning point when it came to my skin was when I realized how much more to life there is than my appearance and how little it plays in my success. Society puts so much pressure on us to maintain a flawless complexion and views pimples as disgusting and disruptive. The truth is, my acne does not determine my value, my capabilities, or my success so why should I allow it to control my life? Why does anyone allow ANY aspect of their appearance to dictate their life? These questions caused me to reflect and change my mentality all together.

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